Underworld Scum “Rock And Roll Enemy Number One” Expanded edition


Limited to 200 copies (hand numbered) expanded to 9 songs instead of the 6 on the original release…

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This pro CDr release is limited to 200 copies (hand numbered) and includes 9 songs as opposed to the 6 on the original limited to 25 copies release…

Track listing:

  1. Viper
  2. Rock And Roll Enemy Number One (Crime)
  3. Love Kills (Ramones)
  4. Underworld Scum
  5. Psycho (Sonics)
  6. Crazy Bitch Piledriver
  7. Bad Attitude (with State Militia)
  8. Strippers And Beer
  9. Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass (GG Allin)


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