Empire Falls “Rekindling The Fire-The Early Years 1995-1997” CD


This album has been banned from sale on discogs.com. Why? We have no idea however the CD includes the Empire Falls albums “Rekindling The Fire” and “The Lines Have Been Drawn” as well as all the lyrics. As an added bonus the CD includes an early 3 song demo by Scorch, the precursor to Empire Falls. The CD includes all the early tracks by the band. The CD and booklet are professionally factory manufactured. Released on Prophecy Records.



All the early recordings are on this CD. The first seven inch “The Lines Have Been Drawn”, the first full length “Rekindling The Fire” and the first 3 song demo by the band “Scorch” which was a precursor of Empire Falls.

Track listing:

  1. My Friend, Regret
  2. Fall Of The Empire 2
  3. Night Fall
  4. Realization
  5. Gate City Crew
  6. Shotgun
  7. Turn The Tide
  8. Drift To Anger
  9. Our Time
  10. Etched In Stone 2
  11. Growing Dimmer
  12. In The Midst Of Poison
  13. Fall Of The Empire
  14. Rebuilding
  15. Etched In Stone
  16. Struggle To Overcome
  17. Rekindling The Fire
  18. Daybreak
  19. Ashes
  20. Static

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